Supply Chain Management & Logistics

As supply chains continue to globalize, Supply Chain Management (SCM) has become one of the most critical areas for companies to recruit more professionals in

Key Contributors

Primary Contributor: Dr. Rudolph Leuschner

Dr. Leuschner is an Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management and the Program Director for the online MS in Supply Chain Management at Rutgers Business School. His primary research focuses on the end-to-end supply chain and the integration of its three primary flows: product, information, and financial. Specifically, in the new field of Supply Chain Finance, he has been active in developing relevant insights for academic and practitioner audiences. His work has appeared in (among others) the Journal of Supply Chain Management, Journal of Business Logistics, Decision Sciences, the Journal of Business Ethics, Harvard Business Review, and Rutgers Business Review.

Faculty Contributor: Dr. Catharine Weiss

Dr. Weiss is an Associate Professor of Fashion at Lasell University. She also has a Masters in Management from Lesley University. Her over 15 years of work in the retail industry at companies such as Liz Claiborne, Gucci, Ferragamo, and Brahmin in combination with her teaching career at Lasell make her uniquely equipped to combine the needs of major retail companies with small private college students.

About the Major

When conducting meetings with large scale employers throughout the country, we learned a very simple truth: companies want well-rounded graduates that have received a diverse education but can also perform a specific skill at a high level. Employers are well aware that the best employees are those who can think critically, learn quickly, problem solve, strategize, and operate with degrees of freedom within the business. However, their hiring needs at the entry-level are increasingly specialized – they need employees who can perform specific tasks reliably from day one.


The Rize Supply Chain Management major is correspondingly designed to provide students with a comprehensive skill set in Supply Chain Management while also leaving ample room in their schedules for foundational courses imperative for their long-term success. The ultimate goal of this major is to help students learn the skills necessary to secure an entry-level position in SCM, while also providing them with the educational background necessary for them to grow in their careers in the years to come. This major is therefore built on top of existing business curricula, where students will acquire a well-rounded knowledge base of business and business concepts. In tandem with this learning, students will also enroll in SCM-specific courses, where they will learn the skills necessary to work in Supply Chain management roles in today’s economy. Finally, students will culminate their majors with a capstone course created in partnership with corporations, allowing them to gain hands-on experience in the type of work they will be required to perform in a professional setting and create a portfolio of work that can be shared with potential employers.


This curriculum was designed by Dr. Rudi Leuschner of Rutgers University in collaboration with various Fortune 500 companies and the Rize Curriculum Development Team. Professor Leuschner is an Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management and the Program Director for the online MS in Supply Chain Management at Rutgers Business School. He is at the forefront of online education as the Faculty Coordinator for Distance and Online Learning, and the creator of the Supply Chain Management MOOC specialization. 


Dr. Leuschner’s status as one of the foremost academics in Supply Chain Management, as well as his experience in developing online education, made him the best possible choice for developing this curriculum. Furthermore, our continued collaboration with top employers in the region ensures that this curriculum will be consistently relevant to the modern workforce.


The Rize Supply Chain Management major is taught by faculty at Lasell University’s Business School, and is supported by Fortune 500 companies – official endorsements to be announced in the coming year.

Why It Matters

1.4 million new jobs

Between 2014-2018 there were 1.4 million new jobs in Supply Chain and Logistics created globally

As supply chains continue to expand and grow in complexity, Supply Chain Management has become one of the most critical modern economy needs for major corporations worldwide

$97,000 median salary

SCM professionals with 3-5 years of experience earn an average of $97,ooo annually

 Our major lets students take advantage of this: it very simply and seamlessly integrates into an existing business department to offer students the ability to major or get a concentration in Supply Chain Management

High-quality, low-cost major

Most colleges across the country do not even teach a single class in SCM, let alone offer an increasingly essential major

All colleges can now provide an effective, low-cost SCM concentration, minor, or specific classes through the LCMC and rest assured their students will have a marked advantage in the job market upon graduation

3 Courses. 9 credit hours.

Enough for any college with a business department to start a full-fledged SCM major.

Forecasting & Logistics

Capstone Project

Sourcing & Operations

Build a Portfolio

Every student graduating from this curriculum will have a robust portfolio to show to employers to help them land their first job