Public Health

Ebola. Avian Flu. HIV. CoronaVirus. When people think of public health these are the names that come to mind. However public health is more than crisis response. It is the science and art of promoting human health through organized efforts. Whether you want to work in healthcare administration, health policy, or as a physician. This program will provide you with the foundation you need.

Key Contributors

Dr. Ajay Rangaraj

Dr. Rangaraj is the primary creator of the Rize Public Health curriculum. He is a practicing physician and consultant to the WHO, he played a pivotal role in defining the current WHO guidelines for AIDS treatment. Dr. Rangaraj also has an MSc in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Forever Labs

Forever Labs is an Ann Arbor based Biomedical corporation that seeks to preserve and extend healthy human life through the preservation and re-introduction of an individual’s stem cells.

About the Major

We conducted interviews with academics at the University of Washington, UNC Chapel Hill, LSHTM (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine), and the World Health Organization to determine the key learning objectives of a successful undergraduate program in public health.

In addition to a strong liberal arts background, epidemiology, and certain topics from sociology, anthropology, and political science, we identified the following priorities:

  • An understanding of health systems and the ramifications of politics on said systems.
  • A strong background in quantitative studies, including Statistics, Probability, and Data Analytics.
  • A foundation in the social sciences, including economics, anthropology, and sociology.
  • An understanding of qualitative and mixed research methods.
  • Elementary programming skills.

The Rize Public Health major addresses these concerns by functioning primarily as a social sciences degree. In addition to providing students with an understanding of research methods and data analysis, it also provides students with an understanding of the history and present reality of public health systems.

Students will learn about the role of both the citizen and the state in public health, understand the importance and implications of economics in healthcare, and master the key approaches and heuristics of public health.

Learn Public Health

Integrate our classes with existing sociology, psychology, and political science curriculua to launch an exciting new major


History of Public Health



Public Health I

Health Economics


Health Services



Public Health II

Health Systems

Change the world

Students graduating from this curriculum will have the skills to make an impact in healthcare – in their communities and those around the world.