Steering Committee

Dr. Michael Alexander

President of Lasell University

Michael Alexander became the ninth President of Lasell University in July 2007, after successful corporate careers, first in media and entertainment and then in technology. He has presided over a near-doubling of enrollment and the size of the full-time faculty at the university and led the community through the development of several strategic plans and a campus master plan.

Dr. Carol Leary

President of Bay Path University

Carol Leary became the President of Bay Path University in 1994. She is also the author of “Achieving the Dream: A How-To Guide for Adult Women Seeking A College Degree.” Under her leadership, Bay Path launched the first all-women, all-online baccalaureate program in the country, established over 30 new graduate and post-graduate degree programs, and created two additional campus locations.

Dr. Jeffrey Docking

President of Adrian College

Jeffrey Docking has been the President of Adrian College since 2005. He is also the author of “Crisis in Higher Education: A Plan to Save Small Liberal Arts Colleges in America”. In his first 6 years at the helm, Adrian College doubled enrollment and more than doubled enrollment revenue. He also pioneered an innovative curriculum collaboration with Google that has now expanded to 20 colleges and has hundreds of colleges on the waiting list.

In 2019, the LCMC decided to partner with Rize, a company incubated by Adrian College, in order to help implement the vision of its Steering Committee and members. Rize is operated from Adrian College’s campus in Adrian, MI under the leadership of Steering Committee member Dr. Jeffrey Docking.

Rize Team at Adrian College

Kevin Harrington

 Graduated from Harvard in 2014 before working for The Blackstone Group’s Real Estate Private Equity Group for 3 years in New York. Dissatisfied, he left finance with Connor in order to find a more meaningful calling: improving higher education from the inside.

Connor McCarthy

 Graduated from Harvard in 2014 before working for Foros Group for 2 years in NY in technology and media investment banking. Dissatisfied, he left finance with Kevin in order to find a more meaningful calling: improving higher education from the inside.

Vikram Rangraj

Vikram is a Y Combinator and Princeton Review alumnus and expert in product and curriculum development. He has built marketplace platforms in the Fintech and Gaming sectors. He also has over 10,000 hours of classroom experience and helped develop and teach the first graduate-level course in Gamification of Work in the United States.

JC Billone

John Claude “JC” is an engineer with proven experience in product development, risk identification and analysis, and project management. JC holds a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Rochester and a Master of Engineering Management degree from Duke University.