Digital Marketing

Perhaps no landscape has transformed quite as dramatically over the last two decades as marketing: Facebook. Instagram. Search Engines. Email. An entirely new arena has emerged. And this minor or major equips you with the tools you need to succeed.

Key Contributors

Key Academic Contributor

Mala Chandra

Mala Chandra is a lecturer at the University of Washington, where she has developed courses in social media, gamification, and other subjects. She developed multiple core Java technologies, including J2EE, J2ME and Java Beans. In 2004, she was named one of the 25 most influential women in the development of the internet. She is the Founder & CEO of MyMobiLife, where she advises early-stage startups in technology and marketing. And she was formerly a General Manager at Microsoft.

Key Professional Contributor

Rachel Giuliani

Rachel is an expert in email marketing and brand identity. She has built marketing pipelines for numerous successful companies, including Simple, ClassDojo, Seed and others.

Official Corporate Partner


Bellhop is the leading rideshare and bikeshare comparison tool. It is based in New York City and founded by Payam Safa. Bellhop has used innovative cutting-edge marketing techniques to grow to over 100,000 users and has mastered the kind of marketing strategies needed for explosive growth.

About the Major

We consulted with multiple fortune 500 companies and successful startups to identify the key areas in which existing marketing curricula failed to prepare students for the realities of marketing roles in the modern workforce. We identified the following as vital skills for entry level marketing coordinators and managers that said individuals typically lack upon completion of an undergraduate marketing program.

  • Search-Engine Optimization and Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Automated Email Marketing


The Rize Track in Digital Marketing focuses on these topics, in addition to viral growth techniques, influencer marketing, data mining, and lead generation. It is supplemented by courses in data mining and graphic design, which have been included to address a need for marketers to be able to scrape data, and build images for social media.

This track is not intended to function as a stand-alone major. Instead, its purpose is to supplement existing business and marketing curricula to allow schools to launch a Digital Marketing major.

Why It Matters

$133k median salary

Marketing managers are among the most highly paid professionals in the modern workplac

8% growth in next 10 years

The number of marketing manager roles is supposed to grow significantly faster than the national average for all industry positions

Not enough graduates

Despite the strong career prospects of people with digital marketing skills, very few colleges offer robust, up-to-date programs in this area.

5 Courses. 15 credit hours.

Enough for virtually any college to start a full-fledged Digital Marketing minor or major.

Social Media Marketing


Viral & Organic Growth

Email Marketing

Digital Marketing Analytics