The Business Model of Higher Education is Broken. We're Fixing It.

Our institutions cooperate to establish new, enrollment-driving majors & minors that are far more affordable for us and our students.
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Our membership is cooperating to reduce tuition by 30% over the next 10 years


colleges & universities across the country… and growing


students from diverse backgrounds


shared majors created by leading academics & institutions

Institutional Priorities

Faculty-Governed and Led

Faculty Governance is the key to high-quality small private college education. Thus, every class passes through the same traditional governance process.

Institutional Autonomy

No institution-level decisions are made at the consortium level. We simply develop new programs and initiatives and each institution decides whether to participate or not.

Small Class Sizes

We believe that the personal attention our faculty members can provide with small student-to-faculty ratios is critical to effective education.

Liberal Arts

We are committed to preserving the role of the liberal arts at the foundation of the small private college experience. 

4-Year On-Campus Experience

We believe in the centrality of the traditional, 4-year on-campus experience. These shared majors are designed to enhance and complement it

Lower Cost. Career Ready.

Our goal: improve outcomes and reduce tuition through the establishment of new shared majors designed by leading academics and taught by our own faculty.

Lower Cost. Career Ready.

Majors designed by leading academics and institutions and taught by our own faculty to ensure successful student outcomes.

Computer Science

Created by Dr. Charles Severance of the University of Michigan

For whether you want to be a full-time software engineer or just want to gain some basic fluency in technology. Zero prior experience needed.

Supply Chain Management

Created by Dr. Rudi Leuschner of Rutgers University

As supply chains grow more complex, their optimization becomes increasingly crucial. These classes prepare students to immediately step into one of the fastest growing jobs in the world.

Digital Marketing

Created by Mala Chandra (University of Washington), one of the “25 most influential women in the development of the Internet”

Facebook. Google. Instagram. Snapchat. Perhaps no area has been as transformed by the Internet as Marketing. Learn the latest skills and techniques needed to succeed in the rapidly evolving arena of digital marketing.

Human Resource Management

Created by The Department of Business Faculty at Tiffin University

It is essential that aspiring HR professionals receive more than a general business education. They need specific skills sought after in the modern economy that continue to evolve at a rapid pace.

Web Design

Created by Dr. Charles Severance of the University of Michigan

In the Internet Age, there are few jobs in more demand than web designers. Our courses teach students the skills necessary to succeed as a web designer or product manager, with learnings in UX, visual design, marketing and programming.

Professional Sales

Created by Professional Sales Faculty at Western Michigan University

There may be no more universal skill than selling. And yet, very few schools  teach it. This major is designed to fix that by equipping students with a necessary life-skill, regardless of what profession they choose to enter.

Public Health

Created by Dr. Ajay Rangaraj

Regardless of whether you want to be a doctor, an administrator or other health professional, learn the skills you need to support your community or those abroad.

Game Development

Created by Dr. Severance, Unity, and Others

Unity Developer is the seventh fastest growing job in the world. Learn the skills you need to craft beautiful new worlds using this powerful tool.

Project Management

Created by Professor Harold Ainsworth

According to the PMI, there will be 2.2M new jobs created in project oriented roles every year through 2027. Learn the key skills to take advantage of this opportunity.